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The smart lock for sports grounds

How does the connected lock facilitate access to sports grounds ?


Digital access for your sports grounds

The eVy smart lock will make your daily life and that of your users easier.

The eVy smart lock can be unlocked via two solutions: the smartphone or the NFC badge (key rings, wristbands, stickers).

Following the reservation of a pitch, you have the possibility to send a virtual access code by SMS or MAIL or to transmit an NFC badge when the players arrive. This badge can be programmed for a specific day and duration according to the reservation made. If the badge is lost, it can be blocked remotely and will no longer be functional.

Application mobile

The smartphone: THE solution for sports field management

The smartphone is used for two purposes:

People who have a one-year licence and who therefore have permanent access to the pitches. They will therefore have an access code programmed for a period of one year. The access code will be sent by SMS or MAIL.

People who book for a short period and therefore need temporary access to the grounds. They will receive a temporary virtual access code, which will be valid for the duration of the pitch rental.

The eVy2 connected lock gives your users more flexibility and freedom, so don't hesitate any longer !

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