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The mobile application of the electronic lock eVy 2 by Elocky

In addition to its connected objects, Elocky offers a mobile application that allows you to control everything.


Applications Android/iOS

A simple and intuitive application to easily and perfectly manage one's location and Elocky connected objects.

  • Opening an eVy lock by bluetooth
  • Access rights management of a lock
  • Displaying a site's event history

  • Application compatible :

Easy access sharing

Manage and share virtual keys easily, thanks to our mobile application : no need to make hard copies of keys!

  • Regular access for : cleaning staff, baby sitter etc.
  • Temporary access for : tenant, a friend etc.
  • Log book of access
  • NFC badges and permanent access for family, children etc.

Gestion des badges et des clé électronique

En plus de la gestion des accès, vous pouvez utiliser notre lecteur USB NFC/ELECTROKEY pour programmer des badges et des clé électronique

  • Enregistrement des droits directement dans un badges NFC
  • Enregistrement des droits directement dans une clé électronique
We use one ephemeral encryption key, known only to our system and your connected lock , which make communications sealed and absolutely unusable by any unknown person.