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Simplifying access in coworking spaces

The eVy smart lock in coworking spaces


Key management problem

Often, when renting a coworking space, it is complicated to manage all the keys, and when a key is lost, most of the time, the owner is obliged to call a locksmith to change the cylinder and make all the duplicate keys again.

With the Elocky smartlock, there is no need to go anywhere, you just send a digital and temporary access to the tenant of an office in the coworking space.

To do this, nothing could be simpler, sharing can be done by SMS or by MAIL, and the day the tenant is no longer there, you just have to delete his access.

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Go digital and everything becomes easy

To give your members access to the offices and meeting rooms of your coworking space, give them permanent or temporary access for days and time slots according to their subscription.

Thanks to the eVy smartlock, they can open the door either with their smartphone, an NFC badge or with a code that they will type on the eDy keypad. You can create all your codes in advance and send them to your coworkers by email or SMS.

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